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Police seize drugs, cash, guns in Friday search

Cash, drugs and guns seized Friday are seen at Ketchikan Police Department on Monday.

Ketchikan police on Friday night seized 3.25 pounds of marijuana, about an ounce of methamphetamine, prescription drugs, several guns and $190,000 cash.

Sgt. Andy Berntson said that David Bach, 52, of Ketchikan was arrested following a search warrant at his home and business. He lives in a Mary Frances Building condo, and owns Dave and Barb’s Party Supplies on Bawden Street.

One-pound bags of marijuana are seen, along with guns seized by police Friday.

“He was charged on three felony counts,” Berntson said. “Two involved possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and one was possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. There’s further pending charges based on firearms and the other that were narcotics found in the house.”

Berntson said the investigation had been ongoing, and the final piece of evidence to obtain a search warrant came through on Friday.

“Investigations start kind of as soon as we start hearing information about a person,” he said. “It doesn’t get to this point until you can corroborate a substantial amount of that information. So that’s the point that we finally got to on Friday.”

He said the investigation will continue, and it’s unclear whether other people will be charged in connection with the case. Berntson said additional charges against Bach will be filed for the Grand Jury to consider on Thursday.

Police estimate the street value of the seized drugs at a minimum of $39,000.

Berntson said it’s possible that federal agencies might be interested in the case because of the

Bundles of cash, methamphetamine and guns are among items seized Friday.

weapons and large amount of money. He said the guns were found in strategic locations throughout the home.

“One was found hidden underneath the dining room table, one was found hidden between a couple of pillows on the couch. One was hidden in the bathroom, and then there were a couple in the bedroom,” Berntson said. “That generally means that when a person does that, they have put them there for easy access, should they need to protect their operation.”

Bernston said Bach did not resist arrest, and didn’t lunge for a gun although he was within easy distance of two.

Berntson said the cash was the largest amount seized by Ketchikan police in a drug bust. The previous record was about $130,000.

Bach was arraigned Saturday in Ketchikan District Court and had another court hearing Monday. His next scheduled appearance is Aug. 21, although that likely will change after the Grand Jury meets on Thursday.

UPDATE: On Aug. 13, the Ketchikan Police Department received further information, and executed a search warrant on what appeared to be a stash house in the Mary Frances building.Officers seized an additional 24 pounds of marijuana from the apartment. The estimated street value is about $275,000.

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