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Troopers: Buxton admitted to stabbing Leona Meely

William Buxton, left, enters the Ketchikan District Court courtroom Monday for a hearing. He is charged with first-degree murder.

A 29-year-old Metlakatla man arrested Saturday and charged with first-degree murder allegedly admitted to stabbing 67-year-old Leona Meely multiple times during a fight at their shared home in Metlakatla.

William Buxton appeared in Ketchikan District Court Monday afternoon, his hands thickly bandaged due to injuries allegedly caused during his fight with his “auntie,” Leona Meely.

According to the complaint filed in court by Alaska State Troopers, an argument early Saturday morning between Buxton and Meely turned physical.

Buxton’s mother, Margie Buxton, who witnessed the fight, allegedly told troopers that Buxton tried to strike Meely with a kitchen chair several times. He also allegedly kicked Meely in the head, and allegedly stabbed her in the stomach and chest with a knife from the kitchen.

According to the complaint, Margie Buxton told troopers that she tried to intervene, but William Buxton allegedly pushed her aside. She told troopers that she called the Metlakatla Police Department and convinced her son to go to the clinic due to injuries to his hand.

Metlakatla police arrested William Buxton at the clinic. At about 7:30 a.m. Saturday, the police department contacted troopers and asked them to take over the case. When troopers questioned Buxton, he allegedly told them that he hurt his hand while stabbing Meely, and that he did it to protect his mother.

The relationship between Buxton and Meely has not been confirmed, but in the trooper complaint, he refers to the victim as his “auntie.”

In court Monday, Buxton talked quietly with his attorney, Sam McQuerry of the Public Defender’s office. The purpose of Monday’s court appearance was to schedule a preliminary hearing for 1 p.m. Friday. Friday’s hearing likely won’t happen, though. Magistrate Kevin Doran explained the process to Buxton.

“What’s happening Mr. Buxton, is the state will most likely bring this case to Grand Jury,” Doran said. “While you’re incarcerated, they have to do that within 10 days, so we’re setting a date to give them time to do that. They meet on Thursday’s, so most likely you’ll be indicted on Thursday, and most likely the hearing for Friday will come off the calendar and will be reset in Superior Court.”

Buxton had his first-felony appearance on Sunday, and he remains in custody at Ketchikan Correctional Center on $100,000 bail.

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