A week of change and musical exploration

We’re mixing things up Saturday, May 18th through Friday, May 24th.  The names of all the volunteer shows were placed in a hat and the two shows drawn will swap musical genres for the week.  For instance, Over the Hump hosts Gregg and Ray will play the music of Ladies Lunch Wednesday afternoon, while Sunday night the hosts of Classically Driven will explore Blues in the Night.   We expect this to be an exciting week that broadens the musical horizons of our volunteers and listeners.  Show swaps are as follows:

Babblefish (Thursday 7-9 pm) and Howlin’ Gales (Saturday noon – 2pm)

Collected Leavin’s (Wednesday 9-11 pm) and Common Threads (Tuesday 9-11 pm)

Over the Hump (Wednesday 2-4 pm) and Ladies Lunch (Monday 2-4 pm)

Blues in the Night (Wednesday 7-9 pm) and Classically Driven (Sunday 5-7 pm)

Willy’s Mixed Bag (Tuesday 2-4 pm) and Sunny Side of the Creek (Thursday 2-4 pm)

Eclectic Ladyland & Ben (Tuesday 7-9 pm) and Early Classical (Saturday 6-8 am)

The Mindless Side of Town (Monday 7-9 pm) and Poetry Lounge (Monday at 6:30 pm)

The Time Is Right (Saturday 5-7 pm) and Booktalk (Thursday at 6:30 pm)

Sunday Classical (Sunday 6-8 am) and Battlewagon Chronicles (Monday 9-11 pm)

Letters from the Quarry (Saturday 10 am – noon) and TGIAwesome (Friday 7-9 pm)

Fresh Friday (Friday 2-4 pm) and The Show Formerly Known as Sunday Jazz (Sunday 9-11 pm)

That’s Saturday, May 18th, through Friday, May 24th on KRBD Ketchikan.

Recent News

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