Morning Edition Interviews

A discussion about seeds

We think about planting seeds in the spring, but what about planting them throughout the year?  And should we be planning now for seed planting in the winter or spring?  Jeannie Blackmore shares her knowledge during a call-in show on July 1st.   Seeds070113

We’ll be back in two weeks with a call-in show on animal husbandry.  We’ll learn about the challenges of raising goats and other animals in Southeast, and also talk about ducks, chickens and other fowl, as well as egg production.  That’s Monday, July 15th.

And on Monday, July 29th, we’ll talk about bee keeping.


Recent News

Breaking News: Anti-chloramine petition denied on legal grounds

City of Ketchikan voters will not be heading to the polls to decide whether or not they support the city’s new municipal water treatment system. The anti-chloramine ballot proposition has been denied on legal grounds.
Of the 623 signatures on … more

School Board postpones chloramine resolution indefinitely

On Wednesday night, the Ketchikan School Board voted to indefinitely postpone a resolution taking a stance on the use of chloramine in city water. more