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Thompson ends bid for Alaska House seat

Ketchikan resident Glen Thompson announced Monday that he has ended his campaign to become the next House District 36 representative.

In a statement emailed to local media, Thompson writes that, “After considerable reflection upon my existing personal commitments to work, family and the community, plus the added sacrifices that come with a campaign for higher public office, it does not make sense for me to continue to pursue election to state office at this time.”

He adds that the financial sacrifice and time commitment is not workable now, and that he can be more effective continuing in local politics.  Thompson is an elected member of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly.

Thompson writes that by suspending his bid for the House seat now, he hopes that other candidates will have enough time to launch their own campaigns.

Thompson had filed in September to run against Peggy Wilson of Wrangell in the Republican primary. The primary election is August 19th.

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