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Alaska News Nightly: Monday, June 29, 2015

A Dark View of Arctic Geopolitics; Shell's Arctic Drilling Rig Arrives to Dutch Harbor; Gov. Walker Signs Fuels Tax Increase; What the Supreme Court's Redistricting Decision Means For Alaska; Kachemak Residents Buck A Hatchery Proposal in Tutka Bay; Katmai Bear Cams Draw International Audience of Millions; Bristol Bay Salmon Camp: 'Can We Eat the Fin?' Download Audio

A Dark View of Geopolitics in the Arctic

World leaders speak of the Arctic as a "zone of peace and co-operation." But continued tranquility is just one forecast for the region. A much darker scenario came today from a Canadian policy scholar with an insider's view of Russia. Download Audio:

Shell’s Arctic drilling rig arrives to Dutch Harbor

The Transocean Polar Pioneer, a drill rig contracted by Royal Dutch Shell, has arrived in Dutch Harbor. The oil company plans to use the port as a hub this summer as part of their exploratory Arctic drilling effort. There’s very little opposition in the tiny Alaskan town in comparison to that in Seattle, where some environmental activists went so far as to chain themselves to one of Shell’s Arctic drilling support vessels last month. Download Audio:

Gov. Walker Signs Fuels Tax Increase

Alaska Governor Bill Walker has officially signed off on the state's first tax increase in a decade. Download Audio:

What the Supreme Court’s Redistricting Decision Means For Alaska

The U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed the right of citizens to make changes to the congressional redistricting process through initiatives. With one congressional district for the whole state, it’s impossible to gerrymander Alaska when it comes to national representation. But the decision could draw more attention to how political lines for the Legislature are drawn. Download Audio:

Kachemak Residents Buck A Hatchery Proposal in Tutka Bay

The Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association is a salmon advocacy center fighting for an opportunity to temporarily move 80 million artificially bred pink salmon fry into Tutka Bay every year. Download Audio:

Katmai bear cams draw international audience of millions

Last year 16 million viewers glued their eyes to screens to watch a reality show with no dialogue, no celebrities, and hardly any humans. Download Audio:

Mt. View Neighborhood Plan pulls together community ideas for a better place to live

The Mountain View Community Council is putting the finishing touches on their neighborhood plan. It's a targeted vision for making the city's most diverse neighborhood a place people want to stay for the long-term.

Bristol Bay Salmon Camp: ‘Can We Eat The Fin?’

Every summer BBEDC holds salmon camps for middle school and high school kids from CDQ communities. It’s a mix of a little fun and little education on the region’s number one renewable resource, salmon. The junior camp kids paid a visit to the counting tower station on the Wood River. Download Audio:

Muldoon Farmers Market highlights need for community space

Muldoon's first farmers market unites community in quest for more gathering spaces.