Alaska News

GLACIER Conference Ends With Vague, Dire Tones

As the President continues touring Alaska, the aims and outcomes of Monday's GLACIER Conference are still being sorted out.

Alaskans rally against drilling, climate change outside of GLACIER conference

About 200 people gathered on the Park Strip in downtown Anchorage on Monday afternoon to protest offshore drilling in the Arctic and to speak in favor of stronger measures to fight climate change.

Alaska Supreme Court Refuses To Block Medicaid Expansion

The Alaska Supreme Court has refused to temporarily block the state of Alaska from expanding Medicaid. About 20,000 more people will become eligible Tuesday.

“Still Awesome”: Waiting for the President

As the crowd waits outside of the Dena'ina Center for the president, just the excitement is enough.

Obama met by Alaska dignitaries upon arrival at JBER

President Obama is expected to take the stage at the GLACIER conference after landing at JBER in Anchorage about 1:30 this afternoon and greeted a few hundred Alaskans waiting for him on the JBER runway, including Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Senator Dan Sullivan.

Murkowski thanks Obama for restoring Denali; Obama directs his gaze on climate change

President Barack Obama touches down in Alaska Monday for a three-day tour to the state, and beyond focusing on climate change in visits to Anchorage, Dillingham, and Kotzebue, the president is beginning his trip by restoring the Alaska Native name to North America’s highest mountain.

Alaskan Greens: Obama’s Words, Actions Conflict On Climate Change

President Barack Obama’s visit to Alaska this week, aimed at highlighting his push to fight climate change, comes just two weeks after his administration approved drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean. Some Alaskan environmentalists see a disconnect between the president's rhetoric and his actions on climate change.

‘Denali’ restored as official name for North America’s tallest peak

President Obama is due to arrive in Alaska on Monday, and the White House says he will announce a new official name for North America’s tallest mountain.

Kerry, Obama to raise global warming issues in Alaska

Secretary of State John Kerry says history will not look kindly on climate change skeptics who fail to take action to curb warming.

Alaska governor to fly with President Obama to Alaska

Gov. Bill Walker will fly to Alaska with President Barack Obama on Monday.