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Area teachers learn to use art in the classroom

Ed Littlefield taught Tlingit culture and music, including drumming, at the Institute.How do you incorporate visual art into a history class? Or theater into a math class? Ketchikan public school teachers had the chance to answer questions like these in a two-week arts program called the Basic Arts Institute.

Kayhi football says Seward game at risk

Members of the Kayhi football team made a case for their game against Seward to the School Board.Football players filled the room at the Ketchikan School Board meeting on Wednesday evening. The Ketchikan High School team was there because of an apparent funding issue that has put one of their three home games of the upcoming season in jeopardy.

Metlakatla celebrates Founders’ Day

10Metlakatla residents celebrated their town’s 127th birthday on Thursday with the annual Founders’ Day festivities.

Byron Mallot wants more ‘Alaska voice’ in Alaska

Byron Mallott spoke at a breakfast held by District 36 Democrats at the Ketchikan Yacht Club.Democratic candidate for Governor Byron Mallott says he wants to see more citizen involvement in the state government's decision-making process.

Mitchell and Harris file to run for City Council

Ketchikan residents Amanda Mitchell and KJ Harris have filed to run for Ketchikan City Council. Mitchell has not run for public office before. Harris is a current City Council member whose seat is opening this term, and he is seeking re-election.

Slimy slugs and lots of sun: Blueberry 2014

Hunter Jones' (right) slug "Jonsie" won the slug race. His friend Olivia (left) had a slug in the race too.The 39th Annual Blueberry Arts Festival filled Ketchikan’s Main Street on a sunny Saturday with local artists, vendors, and thousands of people.

School Board concerned about Borough Assembly

The Ketchikan School Board gathered for an informal goal setting session Wednesday evening. The Board took advantage of the discussion to express concern over its relationship with the Borough to a member of the Association of Alaska School Boards.

‘Hidden learning’ in Lego robotics camp

Evie Posey and Mason Baxter explain what their EV3 robot can do.About 20 local children spent this week trying to rescue astronauts and rovers stranded on faraway planets. Or at least…they built Lego robots that simulated those missions.

$20 million loan for POW hydro project

Aerial view of Rich's Pond and Lake Mellen on Prince of Wales Island, part of the area in the Reynolds Creek hydro project.A new hydro power project on Prince of Wales Island has been approved for a huge loan, bringing it one hurdle closer to completion.

For the love of welding

3There are more than 100 people employed at Ketchikan’s Vigor Industrial Shipyard. Out of all of them, Cat Wong might have the most unusual story about how she got there.