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KPU starts chloramine water disinfection system


Ketchikan Public Utilities Water Division started its new water disinfection process Monday night, when ammonia was added to the 3-million-gallon Bear Valley Reservoir. It will take about five days for the chloraminated water to make its way through the entire water system. more

School Board to vote on FY2015 budget

The Ketchikan School Board meets Wednesday, and the top item on the agenda is a public hearing and a vote on next year’s budget. more

Assembly OKs increase to this year’s schools budget

Despite misgivings, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly opted Monday to approve the Ketchikan School District’s spending authority by about $2.4 million. more

KPU official responds to electric meter concerns


Ketchikan Public Utilities is moving slowly toward a new style of electric meter. But some people are resisting the change. They believe the new meters provide too much personal information, and are potentially harmful to health. more

Bad weather delays chloramine switch

The new water disinfection system still could start as soon as Monday night. more

Chloramine petition review still under way

At deadline Friday, a petition to place the chloramine water treatment issue in front of City of Ketchikan voters still was undergoing a review by the city clerk and attorney. more

Hospital expansion project enters Phase One


Ketchikan Medical Center was the central theme of Thursday’s Ketchikan City Council meeting, along with some public comment about the ongoing chloramine water disinfection controversy. more

Assembly to consider schools spending increase


The ordinance allowing the school district to spend about $2.4 million more this year has been postponed twice because of disagreement over a list of questions submitted by the Assembly. more

Police: Meth mailed to Ketchikan man

Ketchikan Police Department

A 38-year-old Ketchikan man faces felony drug charges after police and U.S. Postal Inspectors allegedly found 23 grams of methamphetamine in a package mailed to a home on North Tongass Highway. more

Council to hear about KPU’s new electric meters

A group called Ketchikan for Meter Choice has an online petition asking the local government to not require KPU customers to have the new meters on their homes. more