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Vigor hosts 2nd annual career day

Dwayne Kelly explains the functions of the engine to high school students on the ferry Columbia.Vigor Alaska and the Alaska Department of Transportation’s Office of Civil Rights hosted the second annual maritime and construction career day at the Vigor shipyard Monday in Ketchikan.

Craig Parks and Recreation

Victoria Merritt with the Craig Parks and Recreation report for October 16th.

Coast Guard responds to overturned vessel

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued two men after their vessel capsized this morning.

Council to vote on new fire chief, retaining wall

Ketchikan Fire DepartmentThe Ketchikan City Council will decide Thursday whether to hire Unalaska’s current fire chief, Abner Hoage, as the new City of Ketchikan fire chief. Another motion regarding the retaining wall in Thomas Basin will be discussed.

Airport crash drill tests Ketchikan response teams

SprayingTheBusThere are people with lacerations, head injuries, a young girl with scissors sticking out of her neck and a woman with her arm missing from below the elbow. It’s a horror show, but one where all the victims are laughing, gossiping and eating donuts.

A day in the life of a fake plane crash victim

Victim CarIt’s seven o’clock on a Saturday morning. I’m in a warehouse off the main runway at the Ketchikan International Airport. The trucks, plows, hoses and other airport equipment have been moved, and there’s a pile of headless, handless, footless dummies on the cement floor.

Landslide knocks out electricity overnight

A photo of Monday's landslide, submitted by a KRBD listener.A landslide Monday afternoon in the Ward Cove area blocked traffic for several hours, and took out power to Ketchikan’s North End residents until early this morning.

Local same-sex couple files marriage application

Ketchikan's state courthouse in downtown.Gay couples in Alaska are filling out marriage license applications following a weekend federal court ruling. One of those couples lives in Ketchikan, and was the first to file for a marriage license here, early Monday.

Local man faces credit card theft charges

A local man faces felony credit card fraud charges and several misdemeanor theft charges this week in Ketchikan District Court.

Wendy Hamilton sent us this reflective shot from Connel Lake.Photo of the Day