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Man allegedly pulls knife at soup kitchen

A 41-year-old California resident faces felony assault charges after allegedly brandishing a knife at a soup kitchen earlier this week.

Sullivan wants to roll back ‘Obama agenda’

SullivanU.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan stopped in Ketchikan this week as part of his continuing campaign tour around the state.

Absentee votes boost Coose back onto Council

The City of Ketchikan is seen from the water on a cloudy day.The local elections Canvass Board met Wednesday to count about 350 absentee and questioned ballots from Tuesday’s elections. Those ballots changed the results of a key race in Ketchikan.

Kiffer leads Council race, others too close to call

From left are Ketchikan City Council candidates Dave Kiffer, KJ Harris, Amanda Mitchell, Ed Plute and Kevin Staples. (Photo by Megan Petersen)The overall voter turnout on Tuesday was 23 percent. The precinct with the highest turnout was Ketchikan 2 at The Plaza, which saw a 27 percent turnout. The lightest voter turnout was at Ketchikan 1 at Schoenbar Middle School, which saw 19 percent.

Landis clear leader in borough mayor race

Ketchikan from the waterThe unofficial results, before absentee and questioned ballots are counted Wednesday afternoon, show David Landis leading with 1,259 votes.

Familiar faces elected to Borough Assembly

Ketchikan Gateway Borough offices are in the White Cliff building.Three familiar faces were elected to the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly Tuesday. Incumbents Mike Painter and Glen Thompson will return to their seats, and former Borough Assembly Member John Harrington will take the seat that Agnes Moran is vacating.

‘Satanists & atheists’ comment recanted

Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly Member Glen Thompson has recanted some of the statements he made during Monday night’s discussion of adding a prayer to the regular meeting agenda.

Assembly introduces prayer ordinance

IMG_1696An ordinance that would add a prayer to the regular Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly meeting agenda passed in first reading Monday.

Mayoral candidate Armey has felony record

A candidate for local office has a felony conviction on record. KRBD searched Alaska court records for all local candidates and found that borough mayor candidate Lewis Armey Jr. was convicted of felony coercion last year.

Clift offers a different voice in governor race

Carolyn "Care" CliftCarolyn “Care” Clift is the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Alaska governor. She was in Ketchikan last week for a debate with other governor candidates, and to learn more about a region she’s not visited very often.