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Free workshop for those with chronic disease

Lisa McCranie, LPN and Michele Cornwall, RN speak about the six week “Living Well Alaska” program to help those suffering from chronic disease.  LivingWellWorkshopmore

UAS Ketchikan Report

Gail Klein speaks about the diversity of UAS Ketchikan students.  UAS082014


Job Service Report

The latest Job Service Report from the Ketchikan Job Center.  Jobs082014more

Library services you may not know about

librariesLibrarians talk about services offered through the library consortium, including the national inter-library loan program, research assistance and more.

Meet Ketchikan Theatre Ballet’s new director

Photo courtesy of the Oklahoma Arts Council

Photo courtesy of the Oklahoma Arts Council

Desiree LaVigne-Roan tells us about her dance background and career, her thoughts about teaching and upcoming class opportunities.  KTB_Roanmore

Arts Report

Elizabeth Nelson speaks about “Les Miserables” auditions.  Kathleen Light and Marni Ricklemann  speak about the Basic Arts Institute that took place the past two weeks, and about events happening this weekend.  Arts081414more

Ketchikan Visitors’ Bureau Report

Anna Marie Mestes speaks about the economic impacts of meetings and conventions.  Linda Koons Auger gives details on an “On-Farm Food Safety Workshop” taking place August 21st.  KVB081314more

Library Report

Lisa Pearson speaks about ephemera at the library.

Container Gardening

container-gardenAlethea Johnson shares some of her tips on container gardening during a call-in show.

Wellness Coalition

Lisa Scarborough of the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition speaks about a classroom game that teaches kids about money management, and the upcoming “Back to School Roundup!” for youth and families. KWC080614more