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Conservator assesses Chief Johnson totem pole

Detail of the Chief Johnson pole when the beak fell off.Conservator Andrew Todd is in Ketchikan this week to assess the condition of the Chief Johnson Totem Pole. Todd was brought up after the beak of the raven figure fell off in early April.

Arts Council Report

Jeff Fitwater and Marni Rickelmann speak about dances, arts and crafts opportunities, upcoming performances and more. Jean Bartos talks about the Southeast Fair in Haines and how you can enter items.

To be or not to be…an organ donor

OrgansToDonate2Signing up to be an organ donor in Alaska is easy. But what does it mean to be an organ donor and what exactly are you agreeing to? Donna Brahaney with Life Alaska Donor Services discussed organ donation during presentations in the First City.

Wellness Coalition

Emily Chapel of the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition talks about the findings of the Behavioral Health Task Force’s survey. The task force will focus on depression and how to help adults and youth have more positive connections in their lives.

Fools Run this Saturday!

ofram design new parade proof 2

Stuart Whyte, Nancy Tietje and Kevin Gadsey talk about the upcoming “Only Fools Run at Midnight.” They also share memories from past runs.

Library Report

Lisa Pearson speaks about the adult summer reading program, author visits, special programs and more.




Mischa Chernick and Marty West give details about the hospital’s new surgical suite and clinic space. Chernick also explains how clinics will transition to the new space. PeaceHealthmore

First City Players Report

Elizabeth Nelson and Amanda Glanzer talk about "The Fish Pirate's Daughter" 50th anniversary, "The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)," "The Lion King Jr.," Gigglefeet, and the big reveal party for First City Players' upcoming season.

Understanding gardening terms


Master gardener Lee Skidmore explains gardening terms such as dead head, damping off, being leggy, wuzzled and more. GardenTermsmore

Making your website dynamic and attractive to customers

Ketchikan Small Business Development Director Kimberlee Hayward.Kimberlee Hayward is the new director of the Ketchikan Small Business Development Center. She spoke about website design “best practices” at Wednesday’s Chamber of Commerce luncheon.