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Storm produces record rainfall, minor damage in morning

Rockslide at mile 4.5 South Tongass Hwy after cleanup.

Rockslide at mile 4.5 South Tongass Hwy after cleanup.

UPDATE: At the time this story was posted, winds were expected to diminish by 7 pm this evening. Winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts to 50 mph are now … more

Childhood education and development opportunities

Jessica Clark from AEYC and Adrienne O'Brien of Community Connections speak about upcoming workshops and services their programs offer.

Arts Council Report

Jeff Fitzwater and Marni Rickelmann speak about Torch Nights Benefit Cards, upcoming performances and dances and other events happening this and next week. ArtsCouncil100815more

Transportation plan input sought

transit meeting graphicA coalition of several groups that provide transportation are seeking input for the new 5-year plan. Kyan Reeve and Leslie Jackson give more details.

UAS Ketchikan Report

Bill Urquhart and Wendy Miles speak about a $2.3 million grant allowing the university to hire two new advisers and a political science/sociology professor. UAS100715more

Library Report

Amanda Kiely talks about the return of “Family Night” with presentations, activities and a free book. Library100615


Preventing domestic violence

Beth Bogarde of WISH and Hailey Beard of KIC speak about services they have available and efforts their organizations are taking to help address domestic violence.

Misconceptions about gender differences

Professor Ali Ziegler speaks about her Thursday presentation, “Common Misconceptions About Eender Differences and Sexuality.” ASKUAS

 … more

First City Players Report

The Divos / Divas competition is on September 26th. Meet some of the participants and emcees.  FCP092215more

Roses, rhododendrons, raspberries and more


Master Gardener Lee Skidmore offers advice on caring for your roses, rhodis, and raspberries as winter approaches. She also talks about clay pots and provides information on Mason bees. Gardening2more