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Small Business Development offers a variety of services

Linda Koons Auger of the Ketchikan Small Business Development Center speaks about the services and resources the SBDC offers, the Profit Mastery class and more. SBDCmore

Library Report

Amanda Kiely shares information about checking out eBooks with Listen Alaska Advantage. As well as an upcoming program to help kids improve their financial literacy. 3-24 Library Report 


HIV / AIDS facts and fundraising effort

Public Health nurse Sue Medel provides information on HIV/AIDS.  She and Susan Doherty speak about AIDS Life Cycle, a fundraising event they are participating in. AIDS_LifeCyclemore

Young women compete for scholarships

The Distinguished Young Women contestants are in Ketchikan this week and the final performances and public competition are Saturday March 21st. Bob McClory and Amy Owings provide details. Note: the second half of the interview was cut off. DYW2015more

PeaceHealth’s mission in El Salvador

Catherine Jahn of PeaceHealth in Ketchikan speaks about her participation in a medical mission to El Salvador. PeaceHealthMissionmore

Landscape photography exhibit opens April 3rd

Photographer Jeremy Barry speaks about his work and upcoming exhibit at the Main Street Gallery. Barrymore

Photography exhibit opens April 3rd

Jeremy Barry speaks about his landscape photography show, “Through My Eyes,” opening April 3rd at the Main Street Gallery. Barrymore

Irish band BOWI comes to Ketchikan

Tony Schuler of the Seattle-based BOWI Band speaks about the group, their performances March 14th and 15th in Ketchikan and the St. Patrick’s Parade. BOWImore

Ketchikan Visitors’ Bureau Report

Anna Marie Mestes speaks about an adventure travel summit, the KVB luncheon and Alaska Host “Train the Trainer” workshop. KVB031115

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Roller Derby 101

Jill Walker and Kirsten Baltz of the Rainforest Roller Girls explain the rules of the game and the start up of a youth roller derby league. RollerDerbymore