Community Reports

Arts Report

Marni Rickelmann and Kathleen Light speak about the Kayhi concert, other music, dances, artist opportunities and more. Arts032615more

First City Homeless Day Shelter

empty bowls

Evelyn Erbele and Susan Peters from the First City Homeless Services Day Shelter. Talk about the increase in needs and an upcoming fundraiser with handmade bowls and local soup. The Day Shelter is also sponsoring ‘Ketchikan Chooses Respect’ a rally … more

Library Report

Amanda Kiely shares information about checking out eBooks with Listen Alaska Advantage. As well as an upcoming program to help kids improve their financial literacy. 3-24 Library Report 


Sports Report

Sue Doherty recaps basketball tournament results and Don Mitchell invites listeners to give Pickle Ball a try.  Sports032315more

Craig Parks and Recreation

Victoria Merritt with the Craig Parks and Recreation report for March 20th

Museum Report

Hayley Chambers and Ann Froeschle give details about how the upcoming exhibit “Grown on the Rock” was put together, and some of the items you can expect to see. Museum031715more

UAS Ketchikan Report

Wednesday Miles speaks about upcoming summer classes and the next Ask UAS presentation on “Crests and Heraldry of the Scottish, Tlingit and European Cultures.” UAS031815


Ketchikan Visitors’ Bureau Report

Anna Marie Mestes speaks about an adventure travel summit, the KVB luncheon and Alaska Host “Train the Trainer” workshop. KVB031115

 … more

Wellness Coalition

Terrance Robbins, KWC’s Drug Free Communities Program Coordinator, speaks about how a grant is being used to gather data in the area and seek solutions to substance abuse problems in our community. Wellness030415more

Job Service Report

The job service report is on hold for a while.  You can find out about job opportunities by going to