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Ketchikan police warn of PFD phone scam

Following yesterday’s payment of Permanent Fund Dividends, citizens of Ketchikan have been targeted by scams, according to the Ketchikan Police Department.

Active underwater volcano found near Dixon Entrance

A screen shot from a scientific sounding device shows the newly-discovered volcano and its plume of methane gas. The lower line is an echo, not another volcanic cone. (Image courtesy Canadian Geological Survey)Southeast Alaska has more ‪volcanoes‬ than most residents realize. Geologists just found a new one, south of Prince of Wales Island. Unlike the others, it's not dormant

Little support for local school vouchers proposal

A proposal to change the way the Ketchikan Gateway Borough funds local education has received enough negative feedback that the Assembly member who proposed it wants to postpone the idea indefinitely.

Museum plan delayed, except for restrooms

Tongass Historical MuseumThe Ketchikan City Council didn’t accept or reject a conceptual design for the planned renovation of the city’s Centennial Building. Members instead agreed Thursday they’d like to move forward with improving the heavily-used restrooms, but want more time spent on the rest of the plan.

Federal-state land transfer testimony heard

(USDA photo)Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Chelsea Goucher recently traveled to Washington, D.C., to testify in support of transferring federally managed lands to state control.

Museum design plans up for consideration

Tongass Historical MuseumThe Ketchikan City Council on Thursday will consider a conceptual design for the planned expansion and renovation of the city-owned Centennial Building, which houses the museum department.

PeaceHealth awarded $3.6 million grant

HospitalPeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center announced this week that it has been awarded a $3.6 million grant for the entire PeaceHealth system from the federal Department of Health and Human Services to help improve community health through changing clinical practices.

Prince Rupert, BC, port busy and growing

Prince Rupert's container facility. (Photo by Leila Kheiry)To say Prince Rupert, British Columbia, has an active port would be an understatement. Its port is bustling, and it has plans to become even busier.

Marijuana Advisory Committee eyes maps

The local Marijuana Advisory Committee cut its Monday meeting short because the meeting hadn’t been advertised. Members agreed to reconvene at noon on Friday. But members did take a look at some maps showing buffer zones where pot shops might not be allowed.

City Council mulls million dollars of overtime

CityofKetchikanThe City of Ketchikan has paid more than a million dollars in overtime this year to city and Ketchikan Public Utilities employees as of the end of August, and Ketchikan City Council members want to know how to reduce that budget item.