Morning Edition Interviews

Interviews with local news makers, musicians, artists and more. Hosted by Keith Smith and can be heard regularly on KRBD beginning at 8:30am during Morning Edition.

Fish Pathology Lab

Jim Seeland in Sitka speaks about the upcoming fish pathology lab in Ketchikan. The lab will be at SSRAA’s Deer Mountain Hatchery November 17th and 18th from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Attendees can expect to come away with a … more

Alaska Day Auction raises funds for education

Father Pat Travers and Tiffany Cook speak about Holy Name School and the Alaska Day Auction on October 17th. HolyNamemore

Fire prevention and safety

Ketchikan Fire Marshall Chris Grooms offers tips on fire prevention and safety.  FirePreventionmore

Childhood education and development opportunities

Jessica Clark from AEYC and Adrienne O'Brien of Community Connections speak about upcoming workshops and services their programs offer.

Transportation plan input sought

transit meeting graphicA coalition of several groups that provide transportation are seeking input for the new 5-year plan. Kyan Reeve and Leslie Jackson give more details.

Preventing domestic violence

Beth Bogarde of WISH and Hailey Beard of KIC speak about services they have available and efforts their organizations are taking to help address domestic violence.

Misconceptions about gender differences

Professor Ali Ziegler speaks about her Thursday presentation, “Common Misconceptions About Eender Differences and Sexuality.” ASKUAS

 … more

Roses, rhododendrons, raspberries and more


Master Gardener Lee Skidmore offers advice on caring for your roses, rhodis, and raspberries as winter approaches. She also talks about clay pots and provides information on Mason bees. Gardening2more

Putting your garden to bed

lettuce and kale 070615

Master gardener Lee Skidmore offers advice on getting your garden ready for winter. Callers offer some other their tips, including how to identify slug eggs. Gardeningmore

Putting together an emergency go kit

Are you packed and ready to go if you had to evacuate your home? Nora Tombaugh explains what she has in her 3-day go kit. 3DayKitmore