Morning Edition Interviews

Interviews with local news makers, musicians, artists and more. Hosted by Keith Smith and can be heard regularly on KRBD beginning at 8:30am during Morning Edition.

Hope for those with Multiple Sclerosis

Lauren Elerding has Multiple Sclerosis. She shares her story of living with the disease while working and raising a family. She also speaks about breakthroughs in treatment. MS42015more

Keep bears wild by securing your trash

Boyd Porter of ADF&G says bears are coming out of hibernation and strongly encourages everyone to secure their garbage cans with ratchet straps. This will protect neighborhoods and help keep bears from being killed. Bearsmore

Crests and heraldry to be discussed

Bill Urquhart and John Radzilowski speak about the next Ask UAS presentation – Kinship Art: Crests and Heraldry from Scottish, Tlingit and European Cultures. Irene Dundas will also participate in Thursday’s discussion at the campus library (6:30 pm on 4/16). … more

Resources available for victims of domestic violence

Diane Gubatayao and Rick Pickrell speak about services available through WISH and KIC for victims of domestic violence – both women and men. Also some statistics about the problem and what you can do to help yourself and others. DomesticViolencemore

Chorus to perform patriotic concert

Steve Kinney speaks about the concert “Patriotic Pride” scheduled for April 11th and 12th. The concert features the Ketchikan Community Chorus plus orchestra. PatrioticPridemore

Looking out for your health

April 5th through 12th is National Public Health Week.  Public Health nurse Tonda Wolfe provides some health statistics for the state and our region and invites all to an open house. PublicHealthmore

Getting your garden ready

Master gardener Lee Skidmore gives tips on getting your garden ready, planning, slug control, preparing a gardening journal and more during a call-in show. WakingGardenmore

Small Business Development offers a variety of services

Linda Koons Auger of the Ketchikan Small Business Development Center speaks about the services and resources the SBDC offers, the Profit Mastery class and more. SBDCmore

HIV / AIDS facts and fundraising effort

Public Health nurse Sue Medel provides information on HIV/AIDS.  She and Susan Doherty speak about AIDS Life Cycle, a fundraising event they are participating in. AIDS_LifeCyclemore

Young women compete for scholarships

The Distinguished Young Women contestants are in Ketchikan this week and the final performances and public competition are Saturday March 21st. Bob McClory and Amy Owings provide details. Note: the second half of the interview was cut off. DYW2015more