Morning Edition Interviews

Interviews with local news makers, musicians, artists and more. Hosted by Keith Smith and can be heard regularly on KRBD beginning at 8:30am during Morning Edition.

Tips on growing garlic


Deb Matthews and Loann Swanson give tips on how to grow and harvest garlic.

Women in Safe Homes sees changes

Don Moss, president of the WISH board, talks about some changes going on with the non-profit, and gives an update on the organization’s probation status.

Couple shares story of recovery

A married couple, who asked to be identified as Mike and Marilyn, share their stories of addication and recovery.

Suicide prevention discussed

Charon Bird tells her story of attempted suicide and how she found help. Leah Canfield of the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition speaks about available resources and presentations.

Addict shares story of recovery


A recovering alcoholic and drug addict shares her story of success and 32 years of sobriety. Her message is that there is hope.

Understanding depression and substance abuse

SubstanceAbuseandDepressionDiny Capland and Stephanie Lively with KIC Behavioral Health speak about depression and how it links to substance abuse.

Summer gardening


Lee Skidmore offers tips on end-of-summer gardening during a call-in show.

About KVRS and SPOT locator beacons

SPOTJerry Kiffer and Kara Lunde of the Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad talk about the group and the SPOT locator beacon program.

Author shares dreams, goals and adventures

MichaelDittonAuthor Michael Ditton speaks about his life and book, "Dreams, Goals and Adventures," and how he went from broke to semi-retired in ten years.

“Amish Robots” performs in Ketchikan

Patrick Troll and Alejandro Chavarria of the band “Amish Robots” speak about their music and a performance Saturday night.