Morning Edition Interviews

Interviews with local news makers, musicians, artists and more. Hosted by Keith Smith and can be heard regularly on KRBD beginning at 8:30am during Morning Edition.

Roller Derby 101

Jill Walker and Kirsten Baltz of the Rainforest Roller Girls explain the rules of the game and the start up of a youth roller derby league. RollerDerbymore

Bifoss explores new style with portrait exhibit

Artist Lance Bifoss speaks about his exhibit, “Local Color: People and Places of Ketchikan,” on display at the Main Street Gallery March 6-27.  Bifossmore

Drugs in Ketchikan

Ketchikan Police Chief Alan Bengaard and Detective Mike Purcell speak about illegal drugs in Ketchikan and the unknowns regarding legalization of marijuana. DrugProbsmore

KAR House to reopen

The substance abuse treatment facility KAR House is set to reopen soon. Joel Jackson with AKEELA Gateway Center for Human Services speaks about the facility and how it operates. There is an open house on Friday, March 6th, from 3:00 … more

Learn more about the State Parks Advisory Board

Teri Hoyt and Megan Dorman of the State Parks Advisory Board in Ketchikan explain what the board does, projects they’ve achieved or are working on, provide information about the local state parks and invite the community to a chili cook … more

Senior dance company member shares experiences

Katie Dossett was 6 years old when she joined Ketchikan Theatre Ballet.  She speaks about her 12-year experience with KTB , her role in “An Evening of Dance,” and plans for the future.  KatieDossettmore

Run / Walk group seeks to inspire others

Bill Elberson provides information on a running and walking group that meets each Saturday at noon at the Gateway Recreation Center.  Elberson says the goal is to help people of all levels stay motivated and make a plan for success.  … more

Early Learning Program

Adrienne O’Brien with Community Connections’ Early Learning Program talks about the services ELP offers and where to find them. She also previews some upcoming public classes at the Ketchikan Public Library including infant massage. Early Learning Program more

Breaking bad habits

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Danelle Landis offers advice on breaking your dog’s unwanted behaviors such as barking, chewing things and jumping on people. Also advice on how to handle encounters with other people’s dogs.  BreakingHabitsmore

The facts about diabetes

Janet Hanna, nurse and diabetes education coordinator for PeaceHealth in Ketchikan provides information about the disease and answers callers’ questions. DiabetesEdmore