Klein pulls ahead in nail-biter HD36 race

hd36Chamber forumRepublican Chere Klein, who was a mere 19 votes behind after last week’s general election, now is nine votes ahead of independent Dan Ortiz.

Red Cross talks services, seeks local volunteers

Firefighters gather in the Grant Street parking lot  to plan their strategy Saturday morning in response to a residential fire on Edmonds Street, a boardwalk stair street in downtown Ketchikan.The Chief Executive Officer of the American Red Cross of Alaska visited Ketchikan this week as part of a tour of Southeast communities. He talked to the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce about the services that Red Cross provides, and the importance of volunteers in rural communities.

BC says mine concerns heard, critics disagree

Oxidized rock colors a valley where one of Seabridge Gold's open pit mines will be dug. (Ed Schoenfeld/ CoastAlaska News)British Columbia officials say they understand why Alaskans are concerned about new mines planned for transboundary rivers. But critics on this side of the border say they’re not doing anything about it.

Caucus leaves positions open for tight races

Flag of AlaskaThe fate of the local House District 36 race remains up in the air, but the Alaska House Majority and Bush caucuses still met this week with local Republican candidate Chere Klein.

Wilderness Act celebrates 50th anniversary

In honor of the Wilderness Act, lobbyist and historian Doug Scott will make a presentation at the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, November 7th.  He speaks about himself, his work and his hope for the future. Wildernessmore

Community Foundation gets $50K grant

The Ketchikan Community Foundation announced this week that it has been awarded another $50,000 matching grant from the Rasmuson Foundation. The grant is in response to the foundation raising $25,000 in local funds.

‘Healing Garden’ back in hospital design plan

HospitalAmong the items approved by the City Council Thursday was a request from the Ketchikan Medical Center to add plans for a patient terrace back to the hospital’s ongoing renovation.

Storm leads to power outages, some damage

aksat_720x486Southern Southeast Alaska experienced some wild weather Wednesday night, leading to downed trees, power outages and a somewhat rare phenomenon called “corona”

Failing sea wall back on City Council agenda

At its last meeting, the Council agreed to pay for half of a $44,000 study to evaluate the sea wall, which supports land near the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show. Private property owners and the borough were to pay the other half. A revised motion is in front of the Council on Thursday.

HD36 election results by the numbers

Ketchikan voters cast their ballots at The Plaza mall precinct.It will still be a while before we know the results of the too-close-to-call House District 36 race. But in the meantime, here are some election-night numbers to consider.