AK budget director: Legislature must act

State Budget Director Pat Pitney speaks during Southeast Conference in Prince Rupert, BC, Sept. 16.A former Olympic gold medalist in Women’s Rifle, Pitney said she expects to be a target -- for criticism – as she travels around the state providing information about Alaska’s budget crunch and the options for the state to overcome that crunch.

Kayhi senior interested in swimming and politics

IMG_2846This year’s Alaska State Legislature had 17 female representatives and senators. According to the U.S. census, women make up 47.4% of the state population, but in the Legislature. they constituted 28%. Ketchikan High School senior Kiera O’Brien wrote about one of those women for the National Foundation for Women Legislators’ college scholarship, and was one of six winners selected from across the country.

Misconceptions about gender differences

Professor Ali Ziegler speaks about her Thursday presentation, “Common Misconceptions About Eender Differences and Sexuality.” ASKUAS

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Assembly adjusts loan for OceansAlaska to continue

Oyster spat from Oceans Alaska.The Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly agreed Monday to adjust its loan agreement with OceansAlaska shellfish hatchery, advancing $50,000 from the 2017 allocation so that the facility can continue operations.

Slagle, Lybrand withdraw from City Council race

Two of the three candidates who had filed for the one-year Ketchikan City Council seat open this election have withdrawn their candidacies.

Overdue boater rescued from Betton Island

Betton Island. (Alaska Department of Natural Rescources photo)A boater reported overdue Sunday evening was rescued early Monday morning from Betton Island close to Ketchikan.

Roses, rhododendrons, raspberries and more


Master Gardener Lee Skidmore offers advice on caring for your roses, rhodis, and raspberries as winter approaches. She also talks about clay pots and provides information on Mason bees. Gardening2more

Real food rots

DSC_1412About five years ago, the Southeast Island School District in Thorne Bay put in a wood-fired boiler. A few years after, they built a greenhouse to take advantage of the excess heat. This summer, the greenhouse transitioned from hydroponics to aquaponics.

Opportunities in maritime, timber &, later, mining

Ketchikan's shipyard is seen in 2012. (Photo by Ed Schoenfeld)Among the topics covered during this week’s Southeast Conference meeting in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, were opportunities for the region to expand its economy, or at least hold on to what it has.

Council discusses hawking and fire station

fire hallThe Ketchikan City Council discussed the fate of the old downtown fire station and problems with downtown hawking at its Thursday night meeting.