Gardening tips – potatoes, strawberries and more

Master gardner Lee Skidmore offers tips on what to plant now and advice on raising potatoes, strawberries and bulbs. Gardening041116more

Wrangell mourns loss of 3 in plane crash

birdAs of Sunday, the sole survivor, Morgan Enright of Ketchikan, was listed in “critical” condition at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Troopers investigate storage unit theft

Troopers StationSome of the more unique items taken from the storage unit are a Dall sheep shoulder mount, ceramic whale art, and a large amount of 22 long-rifle ammunition.

Taquan announces purchase of Promech Air

taquan airKetchikan-based Taquan Air has bought out one of its local competitors, Promech Air.

One survivor in Wrangell-Angoon plane crash

Four people were traveling on the Cessna 206 between Wrangell and Angoon. Only one female passenger survived said a search and rescue official.

Rep. Young: Alaska needs to diversify economy

Alaska Rep. Don Young speaks during a special Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce lunch on Friday. (Photo by Leila Kheiry)

Alaska Rep. Don Young speaks during a special Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce lunch on Friday. (Photo by Leila Kheiry)

Rep. Don Young stopped in Ketchikan on Friday, and spoke during a special Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce lunch. He addressed some … more

School district faces budget challenges

Ketchikan School Superintendent Robert Boyle discussed budget challenges facing the district at a recent Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Ketchikan Council wants plan for ADA taxis

Welcome Arch Mission Downtown KetchikanThe Ketchikan City Council agreed Thursday to move forward with a proposal to provide wheelchair-accessible taxi cabs in Ketchikan, although the details for how that will work have yet to be determined.

Southeast’s largest lumber mill may close

The Viking Lumber Mill on Prince of Wales Island was awarded a contract to log part of the Big Thorne timber sale. (Ed Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska News)Owners of Southeast Alaska’s largest remaining lumber mill say it could close next year. It’s part of an ongoing battle over logging in the Tongass National Forest.

Tongass plan discussed during D.C. hearing

The Tongass National Forest makes up most of Southeast Alaska (Courtesy U.S. Forest Service)The planned Tongass National Forest transition to young-growth timber harvest came up during a Senate subcommittee hearing this week on Capitol Hill.