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A tale of two Metlakatlas: Part 2

A view of Metlakatla on Annette Island, Alaska's only Native reserve. (Photo by Leila Kheiry)Metlakatla, Alaska, was founded 129 years ago by a group of Tsimshian Natives who canoed up from the original Metlakatla in British Columbia to settle on Annette Island, a short boat ride south of Ketchikan.

A tale of two Metlakatlas: Part 1

An historic photo of Metlakatla, B.C., with the church in the background. (U.S. National Archives and Records photo - public domain - from Wiki-Commons) Administration.Many Alaskans are not aware there are two Metlakatlas. The first is in British Columbia, a short ferry ride from Prince Rupert. It’s the original settlement founded by the followers of Anglican lay-priest William Duncan.

Life-long dancer teaches Ketchikan students

Bill Evans answers questions during tap class.Teacher, choreographer and performer Bill Evans is in Ketchikan for a two-week dance intensive at Ketchikan Theatre Ballet. Classes in modern dance and tap began August 15th, and Evans also choreographed a piece for the Gigglefeet Dance Festival.

Mallott discusses transboundary, budget gap

Byron Mallott poses at KRBD-FM in Ketchikan during a campaign visit. The candidate for governor says he will leave Sealaskas board of directors next month.Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott visited the Unuk River south of Ketchikan on Friday, part of his ongoing work with British Columbia officials to come up with a way to better protect Alaska’s waters from upriver Canadian mines.

Assembly talks about, postpones tax measures

A view of Ketchikan from the top of the Edmonds Street stairs.After lengthy discussion Monday, two tax items on the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly agenda each was postponed indefinitely. The first was an increase to the sales-tax cap, and the second was a tax on retail marijuana.

Animal shelter revises fees and fines

ShelterCat1The Ketchikan Gateway Borough’s animal shelter implemented a new fee structure on July 1st. Changes include cost of adoption and licensing, and fines.

P2P finalist wants to open a space for art

Laura Kinunen and her daughter on the beach. (Photo courtesy Laura Kinunen)Path to Prosperity finalist Laura Kinunen has been thinking about and planning her business for years. The Ketchikan resident hopes that the Southeast-based small-business competition will help move The Artist Workshop from concept to reality.

Tax cap, pot tax up for Ktn Assembly consideration

Borough SealTwo tax proposals are in front of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly on Monday. The first would raise the sales-tax cap on single-purchase items from $1,000 to $1,500; the second would establish a boroughwide marijuana excise tax.

Murkowski on primary campaign tour of Alaska

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (KRBD file photo)Alaska’s Sen. Lisa Murkowski is on a campaign trip around the state during a month-long Senate recess. During a brief layover in Ketchikan on her way to Sitka Wednesday, she stopped by KRBD and talked about the state’s Republican primary campaign, and about the presidential election.

Board OKs abuse/assault program policy

Ketchikan High SchoolThe Ketchikan School Board quickly approved a policy establishing programs to help reduce child abuse and sexual assault. Members also heard an update on summer school, and talked about a new early-graduation program.