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Random acts of art at Ketchikan supermarkets

Tika Hoop performs at Carrs-Safeway while bystanders blow bubbles.Dancer Tika Hoop performed at three grocery stores during the noon hour on Wednesday, confusing a few people who just wanted their groceries, and delighting others.

Hydaburg renovating with an eye on tourism

DSC_1510Hydaburg is making big changes, hoping to boost their local economy and support their way of life through tourism.

Bear killed after damaging property in Saxman

(Stock photo from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.)A black bear that broke through a garbage enclosure and into a truck at a Saxman family’s home was shot and killed by the homeowner Sunday evening.

Hydaburg gets loan for hydroelectric dam

Aerial view of Rich's Pond and Lake Mellen on Prince of Wales Island, part of the area in the Reynolds Creek hydro project.After more than a decade of planning, the Prince of Wales town has secured a loan that will enable them to build a 5-megawatt hydroelectric facility averaging an approximate 19.3 million kilowatts annually.

Man pleads not guilty to fatal stabbing

0903151431 (1)The man accused of a fatal stabbing in Ketchikan on August 10th plead not guilty today in Ketchikan Superior Court.

Craig shop helps make music from fallen trees

Materials for musical instruments have some unique qualities, especially wood instruments.

POW offers first all-young-growth timber sale

IMG_1855Prince of Wales is managing its first completely young-growth timber sale as part of a larger initiative to switch from old-growth to young-growth lumber. Meant to ease tensions with environmentalists and the public, it's proving more complex than it seems.

Hydro challenges: Permitting, money, terrain

Artist rendering of the Susitna-Watana project. (Alaska Energy Authority image)The Alaska Power Association met last week in Ketchikan, and among the topics covered was hydroelectric power projects in the state.

Are tailings dams safe? B.C. mines chief says ‘yes’

B.C. Minister of Mines Bill Bennett, left, discusses his trip up the Taku River with Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott in the Walter Soboleff Center lobby Aug. 24 in Juneau. (Photo by Ed Schoenfeld/CoastAlaska News)British Columbia Mines Minister Bill Bennett says tailings dams can be a safe part of his province's mines.

Rep. Ortiz encouraged by BC mines minister visit

ortizHouse District 36 Rep. Dan Ortiz gives an update on current activities, including transboundary mines talks, the Medicaid expansion lawsuit and the upcoming session's most pressing topic: The budget.