UAS Ketchikan hosts beach food seminar

IMG_1465Ketchikan recently hosted a seminar on beach foods and foraging that garnered more interest and a bigger crowds than anyone expected. While there's plenty of edible morsels on the beach, people learned that there's some potentially deadly drawbacks to eating what you find.

Bill would change rural designation process

Saxman Totem Park and Clan House.Local resident Lee Wallace testified today in Washington, D.C., during a hearing in front of the House Subcommittee on Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs.

One more weekend for The Fish Pirate’s Daughter

ImageKetchikan's own quirky, campy melodrama is back: The Fish Pirates Daughter. With one weekend left to see this year's production, KRBD looks into its history and what makes it so unique.

Ortiz talks session / revenue

ortizDistrict 36 Representative Dan Ortiz is seeking input from constituents as he looks ahead to the next legislative session this winter. Ortiz discusses the special session, the state’s fiscal crisis and issues facing Southeast.

Sitar-playing yogi performs in Ketchikan

Sitar-playing, philosphy-teaching, Sanskrit-writing yogi, Ram Vakalanka came to Ketchikan recently to teach and share his music. KRBD went to his Sitar concert to find out more.

Fatal plane crash wreckage awaits removal

Plane wreckage from the fatal June 25th crash near Ketchikan is still up in the mountains. KRBD looks into how it's getting down and who's going to do it.

DOR commish: ‘It’s only a crisis if we fail to act’

Randall Hoffbeck, DOR commissioner, speaks to the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce. (Photo by Leila Kheiry)Department of Revenue Commissioner Randall Hoffbeck said Alaska’s budget situation is serious, but he doesn’t think it’s quite the “crisis,” that some have called it.

Board has concerns about vouchers proposal

Fawn Mountain Elementary School.While not an agenda item, the Ketchikan School Board spent some time Wednesday talking about a recent proposal from a Borough Assembly member that would provide grants for any student in the district to use for the education program of their family’s choice.

Barefoot pastor raising awareness, $ for shoes

Peter Epler, a pastor at Ketchikan Church of the Nazarene, is going barefoot for a month to raise awareness of the need for shoes in third-world countries. (Photo by Leila Kheiry)A Ketchikan minister is going barefoot for a month, in hopes of raising awareness of the need for shoes among the world’s poor.

Power outages caused by vehicle, eagle

Ketchikan had two power outages over three days, lasting a few hours each. Though very similar in time of day and duration, they stem from very different incidents.