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'The Wake' Is An Unlikely Hit In An Imaginary Language

Paul Kingsnorth self-published The Wake, his tale of the 11th-century Norman conquest of England, written in a pastiche of Old and modern English — and was startled when it became a smash hit.

Chinese Action Musical Comes To Denver

"Terracotta Warriors 3D" is a live performance piece centered around the story of China’s first emperor.

Fraternity Banners: Harmless Fun Or Sexual Harassment?

The signs at Old Dominion University were criticized for mocking sexual violence against women, and sparked national outrage.

New Hampshire Rape Trial Exposes Alleged 'Hook-Up' Tradition

A former student at an elite prep school is on trial for allegedly raping a freshman girl two days before graduation in 2014.

Baby Panda Dies At The National Zoo

Only few days after its birth, the smaller of the two newborn panda cubs at the Smithsonian's National Zoo has died.

2 Immigrants Explain What It Took To Come To The U.S. Legally

The majority of immigrants to the United States come legally. More often than not, it's a complicated process that can take many years.

Global Turmoil Spurs Decline In Commodities

Key commodities like oil and copper continue to slide, and could have big implications on domestic and world markets.

Anti-Abortion Rights Groups Target Patient Personal Information

Activists are increasingly going after the patients and doctors at abortion clinics – and their personal medical records.

College Football Coaches Under Fire

The season hasn't even started yet but several college football coaches are already on the hot seat for a variety of reasons.

10 Years After Katrina, Is New Orleans Better Protected?

Louisiana's plan for flood protection could help save the city, but a historian wonders whether political will exists to put it in place.