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Ebola In The Skies? How The Virus Made It To West Africa

The type of Ebola erupting in West Africa is closely related to one found 2,500 miles away — the distance between Boston and San Francisco. How did the virus spread so far without anyone noticing?

Ferguson Teachers Use Day Off As Opportunity For A Civics Lesson

School has been canceled for the week in Ferguson, Mo., as civil unrest continues. While the students are out of the classroom, teachers are helping to clean up the streets.

Specialty Food And Agriculture Startups Are Ripening In Greece

Sotiris Lymperopoulos left a good job in Athens to collect wild sea greens for upscale restaurants. Food startups like his may be able to generate thousands of new jobs in post-crisis Greece.

How Flight Changed The World - And What Might Be Next

Today is National Aviation Day, the date chosen in part because it's the birthday of Orville Wright, who flew the very first airplane in 1903.

British MP Say Iraq's Future Is Up To Iraqis

Rory Stewart, who served as a provincial governor in Iraq during the war, believes the West is partly to blame for the situation in Iraq today.

Report: Lax Safety Culture Contributed To Worst Rail Disaster In Canada’s History

A year after the train derailment and explosion that killed 47 people in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, a new report highlights what went wrong.

Another Night Of Protests, Arrests In Ferguson

Two people were shot, reportedly not by the police, and 31 people were arrested during another night of protests in the St. Louis suburb.

Remembering Iconic TV Announcer Don Pardo

We listen back to Susan Stamberg's 1994 conversation with Don Pardo about his long and illustrious career.

Historian Reflects On Michael Brown And Dred Scott

Blair Kelley sees a link between what's happening in Missouri today and what happened there in the 1800s.

Buffalo Abandoned Homes Selling For $1

Instead of tearing the homes down, city officials are selling them for $1, as part of the "Urban Homestead Program."