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Meet The Sisters Saving Spanish Horses From Slaughter

Once status symbols for newly minted millionaires, horses are now the voiceless victims in Spain's economic crash. Two sisters are adopting horses that might otherwise end up in the food supply.

Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Put Faith In Unorthodox Dating Service

Young ultra-Orthodox Jews are increasingly pursuing college degrees or joining the workforce. That's challenged matchmaking customs and led to a new service that connects like-minded men and women.

When Parents Are The Ones Too Distracted By Devices

Parents often complain that smartphones keep their kids distracted from conversation. What happens when it's the other way around, when kids can't get their smartphone-glued parents' attention?

New Deal Treasure: Government Searches For Long-Lost Art

During the Great Depression, the federal government purchased hundreds of thousands of works by American artists. But in the decades since, much of that art has gone missing.

DJ Sessions: Blurring The Lines Between Rock, Jazz And Classical

Pianist Christopher O'Riley discusses his favorite group that's making waves in the classical community: The Bad Plus.

ER Doctor Looks Back A Year After Marathon Bombing

Dr. Ron Medzon, an emergency room physician at Boston Medical Center, recalls treating victims injured in the bombing.

Colorado High School Offers Treatment To Drug Users

We look at a pilot program at a high school in outside of Denver that is now offering treatment for marijuana users.

Study Links Casual Pot Use With Brain Abnormalities

New research showed changes in two key brain regions in recreational marijuana users between 18 and 25.

Record Store Day Premieres From Springsteen, Devo, Joe Strummer And The Pogues, More

In celebration of Record Store Day, the latest All Songs Considered mix features never-before-heard cuts from The Boss and more.

Death Of Popular Hawk Highlights Concerns Over Rat Poison

The hawk likely died from eating a rodent that consumed rat poison. Bans on certain rat poisons are being challenged in court.