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Oregon Candidates Tiptoe Around Health Law

The Affordable Care Act isn't turning out to be the lightening rod expected, so politicians are taking a more nuanced approach.

The Risk Is Small, But Warnings About Cell Phones At Gas Pumps Persist

There has never been a credible case of a cell phone sparking a fire at a gas pump. So why do we still see the warnings?

California City Can Emerge From Bankruptcy As Detroit Waits Its Turn

Two years of financial limbo came to an end when a judge approved Stockton's plan to reorganize more than $900 million of debt.

Why Tim Cook's Coming Out Matters

The Apple CEO's announcement that he's "proud to be gay" makes him the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to publicly come out.

Ebola Expert Answers Nagging Questions About The Virus

Why didn't Thomas Eric Duncan's family contract Ebola? That's one of several questions we pose to Dr. Ian Lipkin.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'Dear White People' And The State Of Animation

The panel discusses a new film about black campus life, engages in a wide-ranging discussion of animated TV shows, and expounds on What's Making Us Happy this week.

For Morbid Anatomy Museum Founder, Spooky Things Are Life's Work

Joanna Ebenstein, and her father, recall her lifelong fascination with stomach-turning body parts, among other things.

Look Here: Phone App Checks Photos For Eye Disease

Bryan Shaw showed it was possible to detect early signs of eye cancer from a family photo album. Now, he and his research team have made an iPhone app.

Alt.Latino Lays Out A Sonic Altar For Dia De Los Muertos

Celebrate Saturday's holiday (and, by extension, lost loved ones) with laughter, tears and music.

On Stage: A 1920s Halloween With Flapper Dresses And Tap Dancing

M.A.D.D Rhythms, a tap dancing group based in Chicago, will perform as a part of the 1920s-inspired show, "Harlem Nights."