National News

Department Of Justice Unveils Settlement To Reform Cleveland Police

The settlement comes months after a scathing DOJ report found unnecessary and excessive use of force by patrol officers.

Bounce Houses: The Dangers Lurking Within

On Monday, three children in Florida were injured when a waterspout came ashore and lifted the inflatable house they were in.

Movie Theaters Had A Dismal Memorial Day Weekend

It's typically one of the most lucrative weekends for movie theaters, but box offices had the worst Memorial Day weekend since 2001.

Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear: Tiny Desk Concert

The mother-son duo's songs are memorable and singable even days after you hear them. This short set is a perfect introduction to a one-of-a-kind duo.

Old-Fashioned Bell Helps 12-Year-Old Minnesota Boy Battle Cancer

David Gerfast and his family are fighting cancer with an old-fashioned ship captain's bell and high-tech proton beam radiation.

Heavy Rains, Thunderstorms Deluge Texas

The governor has declared disaster areas in 37 counties, after flash flooding forced evacuations and left thousands without electricity.

Just (Lobster) Roll With It: Variations On A Summer Tradition

In New England, lobster rolls are a summer tradition, but if you ask 100 chefs how to make one, you'll get 100 different answers.

France Moves To Vastly Expand Surveillance In Wake Of Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Although the country has long been critical of the Patriot Act, lawmakers are now moving to vastly expand government surveillance.

Mattresses Are Now Recyclable In Connecticut

The nation's first state-sponsored mattress recycling program is aimed at getting old beds off the curb and into the renewable waste stream.

Egg Buying 101: Cage-Free, Omega-3, Organic And More

When it comes to buying eggs, there are many options. We get an egg-buying tutorial from an expert.