Prince of Wales Island Basketball 2014-2015

KRBD is proud to offer this  special streaming service for our Prince of Wales Island listeners and their families living elsewhere. Click the link below to connect. When there aren’t any games on you can listen to regular KRBD programming from December through March. The rest of the year the stream is unavailable. If you missed a game, check the schedule below. If everything went well we should have a recording.

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December 29th @ 2:15pm – Lady Panthers vs. Esperanza

December 29th @ 4pm – Panthers vs. Philomath

December 30th @ 10:45am – Lady Panthers vs. Monroe

December 30th @ 12:30pm – Panthers vs. North Pole

December 31st @ 9am – Panthers vs. Klawock

December 31st @ 10:45am – Lady Panthers vs. Ketchikan JV

January 8th @ 7pm – Lady Panthers vs. Ketchikan JV

January 9 & 10 @ 7pm – Lady Panthers vs. Metlakatla

January 16 & 17 – Panthers/Lady Panthers vs. Haines

February 5th @ 7pm – Panthers vs. Wrangell

February 13 & 14 @ 7:30pm – Lady Panthers vs. Wrangell

February 18th @ 6pm – Panthers vs. Metlakatla (make up game)

February 19th @ 6:30pm – Lady Panthers vs. Metlakatla

February 19th @ 8pm – Panthers vs. Metlakatla

February 20th @ 1:30pm – Panthers vs. Valdez

February 20th @ 3pm – Lady Panthers vs. Valdez

February 21st @ 12:30pm – Lady Panthers vs. Unalakleet

February 21st @ 2pm – Panthers vs. Unalakleet

March 5th @ 3pm – Lady Panthers (2) vs. Wrangell (3) – Region V Tournament

March 5th @ 8:15pm – Panthers (1) vs. Haines (4) – Region V Tournament

March 6th @ 6:30pm – Lady Panthers vs. Metlakatla – Region V Tournament

March 6th @ 8:15pm – Panthers vs. Metlakatla – Region V Tournament

March 14th @ 9:40am – Klawock Chieftains vs. Noatak – State 1A Tournament

March 16th @ 11:20am – Chieftains vs. Akiachak – State 1A Tournament

March 16th @ 8:30pm – Lady Panthers vs. Hooper Bay – State 2A Tournament

March 17th @ 8am – Chieftains vs. Kotlik – State 1A Tournament

March 17th @ 5:10pm – Lady Panthers vs. Glennallen – State 2A Tournament

March 18th @ 8am – Lady Panthers vs. Bristol Bay – State 2A Tournament, 3rd Place Game

March 18th @ 9:40am – Chieftains vs. Fort Yukon – State 1A Tournament, Consolation Bracket Championship