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KRBD Board Meeting

The KRBD Board of Directors regular August meeting is Wednesday,Aug. 5th, at 5:30 p.m. The meeting will be by video conference to comply with distancing recommendations. All KRBD board meetings are open to the public. If you want to participate, please contact General Manager Leila Kheiry before 4 p.m. on the meeting day.

Photo of the Day

Sheila Spores sent us this photo of wild irises on Cleveland Peninsula.

Paleo-Nerds launch podcast

Self-described paleo-nerds Ray Troll and David Strassman launched a new podcast today. They...

Arts Council Report

The Blueberry Arts Festival Art Show opens Friday, you can get BB Fest Bling and T-shirts starting...

First City Players Report

ArtsCool started this week and productions are planned, Fish Pirate’s Daughter is coming in...



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