1.  KRBD’s community calendar is designed for individuals, non-profit organizations and government entities to publicize meetings and events that may be of interest to the community.

2.  Items on Community Calendar must be date specific.  Long-term announcements may be more appropriate for recorded Public Service Announcements (if sponsored by a non-profit or government entity) or as a Muskeg Message.  See guidelines and policies for PSA’s and Muskeg Messages.

3.  The preferred method of receiving announcements is through the link on our website (www.krbd.org) or by FAX (907-247-0808).  If hand-delivered or mailed to the station, announcements should be typed or neatly written, short and to the point.  Phone-in announcements will be discouraged.  Each announcement should include complete information on the event, who sponsors it, what it is, dates, times and location, and a local phone number and contact person for further information.

Announcements should be submitted at least three days prior to the event to ensure broadcast.  Announcements received less than 24-hours prior may not always get airtime.  Weekend events taking place on Mondays should be submitted no later than Thursday afternoon.

If an event requires a registration, the deadline date for registration should be conspicuous so that the deadline will be announced as well as the event.

4.  Community Calendar is not to be used for profit making ventures.  Non-profit organizations may use the calendar for events that charge fees or sell tickets, but may not directly solicit funds on the air.  If fees are to be charged, that information should be included in the announcement.

5.  If workshops, classes or other events are free to the public and sponsored by a for-profit organization, these events may be included on community calendar so long as there is no attempt to influence monetary exchange.  (A visit by an author appearing in a bookstore would be acceptable, a book signing party would not.)

6.  If workshops, classes or events sponsored by individuals or for-profits are charging a fee or selling tickets, announcements promoting such events will not be permitted on Community Calendar.

7.  Fundraising events for non-profit organizations, political candidates, or individuals will be permitted with no direct solicitation for funds to be broadcast.  These announcements shall be neutral in nature.

8.  KRBD staff reserves the right to edit and select what information will be included in any announcement, and which announcements may be aired.

9.KRBD staff reserves the right to reject any announcement deemed inappropriate or not serving the public interest of the community.