KPU Telecommunications has been awarded a $40,000 state grant to create a vocational program for students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

KPU, working with the Ketchikan School District, will develop a program to teach videography, television production and editing.

According to KPU, the goal is to prepare a workforce in the burgeoning Alaska film industry. The program also will offer a distance-learning course for high school students throughout the state. And there will be several four-day seminars for hands-on learning for all ages and abilities.

The first seminar will be September 7th through the10th at Ketchikan High School, and participants will learn basic videography and setting up a live multi- camera simulcast, as well as production planning experience.

Other seminars will feature guests, such as Tim Delarm of the Alaska Outdoors Television, John Wedin of Eye Cue Productions in Anchorage, Will Shannon of Critical Mass Media, and other industry professionals.

Applications are available online at