More candidates filed for local office this week. On Thursday, Stephen Bradford submitted paperwork to remain on the Ketchikan School Board; and incumbent Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly Member Todd Phillips filed Friday for re-election.

Phillips initially was appointed to a vacant seat before winning his first term on the Assembly. He has served four years, and said he decided he has the time to serve again, if elected. Phillips said the borough is going in the right direction, and he would focus on maintaining that positive economic development.

“I love being there, I love what I do and I feel right now that the borough is going in a great direction,” he said. “We’re getting so many things done, as you know, the pool being done, the library. All sorts of good things are happening to Ketchikan. If we continue this way, we could bring the economy back to where it needs to be.”

Phillips owns two local businesses: Trinkets, a downtown gift shop; and The Last Frontier restaurant on North Tongass Highway.

Also running for Assembly is Jim Van Horn, who filed Aug. 1. There are two, three-year open Assembly seats.

Bradford, a local attorney, has been appointed twice to vacant School Board seats. He said he enjoys serving on the board and has gained knowledge in the two years he’s served that would be helpful moving forward.

“Ketchikan is a wonderful place and it’s been good to me,” he said. ”Serving on the School Board gives be an opportunity to help this community and give back to the community, so I like that. I also like, frankly, having a say in decisions that impact the children of Ketchikan. I think they are our most valuable resource. We need to do everything we can to provide a good education and opportunities for all of our children that grow up here in Ketchikan.”

Bradford said he has children in the school system, so he has an interest in what happens in the district. He cited school funding as a big concern.

Bradford filed for one of three three-year seats that are open on the School Board. Also running for a three-year seat is Colleen Scanlon. Incumbent School Board Member Michelle O’Brien filed for the single two-year open School Board seat.

On the city side, two incumbent City Council members, Bob Sivertsen and DeAnn Karlson, have filed to retain their seats. City Mayor Lew Williams III also filed for re-election, and will be challenged by Lewis Armey Jr.

The filing deadline for all local candidates is Monday.