Eimy Anzueto came to visit KRBD to talk about her citizenship award, and her future plans.

A local student is one of just a handful of students nationwide to receive the Alexander Hamilton Citizenship award. KRBD’s Marco Torres has the story.

Ketchikan High School student Eimy Anzueto has received the National Alexander Hamilton Citizenship Achievement Award for superior community service and achievement. According to the Alexander Hamilton Friends Association, Anzueto was one of 36 students nationwide selected to receive the award, which recognizes high school students for success in academics, service, and more.

Anzueto is an incoming senior at Kayhi. She’s participated in multiple student programs, including the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership and Lead On! student conferences in Anchorage. She is also involved with the “Be The Change” club at school, which is part of the Challenge Day anti-bullying program. This year, she serves as vice president of her class as well as the President of the National Art Honor Society.

Hamilton award winners receive a scholarship, as well as admittance to the Hamilton Leadership Academy. That is a two-year program to help students during their college experience. In their senior year, they receive college admissions help from counselors, and eventually participate in a leadership training course in Seattle.

Anzueto said she has already benefited from the program.

“Well, we recently had a college planning conference call, and that really helped me out because they sent out an email – and not only did they send out an email – they talked about the college app, other opportunities of scholarships, and they’re going to help us see more of the college application process. They’re going to help, and I’m really excited about that.”

During the academy students’ first year in college, advisors continue to assist them with time management and financial planning. That year ends with a community service project in Guatemala.

Anzueto was born in Guatemala, and she looks forward to going back.

“I feel really excited – especially if it’s volunteer work – and I get to go back to my home country. I’m super excited about that because I haven’t been there since 2005,” she explained.

Anzueto is looking at a variety of colleges to apply to, from nearby Gonzaga and Seattle Pacific, to prestigious schools such as Columbia and Stanford.

She hopes to someday become a doctor.

“Right now I’m taking a CNA course, and I’m going to become a CNA hopefully – and work as that throughout college,” she said. “But I want to get my doctorate. I’m not sure in which field, but I definitely want to become a pathologist kind of doctor.”

She already is involved with Kayhi’s vocational medical class.

“That was a great experience because I got to job shadow the E.R. and the lab, so that got me interested in that.”

To learn more about the Hamilton Leader Academy or the Friends Association, visit www.hamiltonfriends.org.