Here is a look at unofficial results for races on Prince of Wales Island.

In Craig, it appears incumbent city mayor Dennis Watson has won re-election with 104 votes.  Challenger Miranda Mikesh received 67 votes.

Joni Kuntz will likely fill one of two seats on the Craig City Council, having received 130 votes.  The second seat remains up in the air.  Jan Storbakken has 72 votes, Dan Price 70, and Virginia Sprague-Lawnicki has 60 votes.

Dolores Owen and Scott Brookshire ran unopposed to fill two, three-year terms on the Craig School Board.  Owen received 142 votes, Brookshire 137.  There were 10 write-in votes.

In Craig, a candidate must receive at least 40 percent of the vote to win a seat.  With 23 absentee votes remaining to be counted, it is uncertain who will fill the open one- year term on the school board.  Michael Kampnich leads with 81 votes, Kim Scheidecker has 62 votes and Miranda Mikesh received 31 votes.

In Klawock, Donald Marvin ran unopposed for mayor.  He received 90 votes.  There were 75 write-in votes.

There were two seats open on the Klawock City Council.  Helen Jackson received the most votes with 105, followed by Sabrina Demmert with 84 and Richard A Smith, Sr. with 53.  Kimberly Nelson received 49 votes.

Ruby Smith and Mary Edenshaw ran unopposed for two seats on the Klawock School Board.  Edenshaw received 145 votes and Smith 129.

Thorne Bay residents voted 76 to 53 in favor of reinstating a 4-percent occupancy tax.

Also in Thorne Bay, Ray Slayton appears to have won City Council Seat A, with 102 votes.  He ran unopposed though there were several write-in candidates that received between 1 and 7 votes.

Risa Carlson ran unopposed for City Council Seat B and received 58 votes.  Write-in candidate Bruce Tower received 55 votes.  Several other write-in candidates received between 1 and 6 votes.

In Thorne Bay, a candidate must receive at least 50 percent of the vote to be declared a winner.  There will possibly be a runoff election for Seat B, and a runoff is likely for Seat C depending on the results after 17 absentee ballots are counted.

For Seat C, Robert Hartwell received 55 votes, Patrick Tierney 24, Thom Cunningham 22, and Terri-Lynn Redding 19.

In Coffman Cove, Bryce Brucker has won Seat C.  He ran unopposed and received 27 votes.  Perry Olson ran unopposed for Seat F, and received 37 votes.

There were no candidates on the ballot for Seat G.  There were 16 write-in candidates but no clear winner.  The top vote getters were Randy Lenz and Mike Barnet with six votes each.

Again, results for all races are unofficial.  Canvass boards meet this week to count absentee and question ballots and to certify elections. In some cases there may be runoff races.

Hydaburg results were not available by story deadline.