Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell announced this year’s Permanent Fund Dividend amount during a news conference Wednesday morning.

“Alaskans’ 2014 dividend amount is $1,884,” he said.

Dividends will be paid out on Oct. 2. The approximately 500,000 Alaskans who chose to receive their Permanent Fund Dividends through direct deposit should see it show up in their bank accounts on that day.

About 90,000 Alaskans receive their PFDs through the mail. Paper checks will be put in the mail on Oct. 2, so their arrival date depends on the U.S. Post Office.

In his announcement, Parnell said the 2014 PFD distribution totals $1.1 billion. That includes the amount that Alaskans have chosen to donate to state nonprofits through Pick Click Give.

“26,850 applicants pledged 44,693 contributions. Over $2.8 million was pledged,” he said. “That’s Alaskans giving their heart through their philanthropy and their giving with other Alaskans. That’s great news.”

This year marks the 33rd year of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend distribution program. The total amount paid out in those 33 years totals nearly $22 billion.