Ketchikan’s youngest elected official hopes to become the community’s youngest mayor.

Nineteen-year-old Trevor Shaw was elected last year to the Ketchikan School Board, and Tuesday filed to run as a write-in candidate for borough mayor. KRBD caught up with Shaw at Wednesday’s Chamber of Commerce lunch, and asked what led him to that decision.

“I’ve been watching the race over the past few weeks, watching the mayoral race progress, and I think we needed a candidate who wanted to take a more proactive role as mayor,” he said. “I see the borough headed in a good direction, but I think we need to be active in what we’re doing to ensure that we maintain a sustainable path”

Shaw says that, if elected, he would be willing to wield the veto pen – one of the few powers that the mayor has – in order to keep expenses down.

“We want to make Ketchikan a viable place for new people to come and live,” he said. “People don’t want to come here and be stuck with millions of dollars’ worth of debt and definitely don’t want to see any new tax increases. We needed to get that conversation started and I think that’s the role the mayor can take.”

If successful, Shaw would have to quit his position on the Ketchikan School Board. He says the School Board is filled with competent members who will choose a good replacement for him, if it comes to that. Shaw also admits that as a write-in candidate, his chances of success are lower.

Shaw is running against David Landis and Lewis Armey Jr. Landis is a former Borough Assembly member who now sits on the borough’s Board of Ethics. Armey has run previously for borough and city mayor, but has not been successful. Both of their names will be on the ballot. Shaw’s, however, will not.

According to the borough clerk, those who wish to vote for a write-in candidate must write the candidate’s first and last names in the designated spot on the ballot, and fill in the oval next to the name. Election workers can provide limited assistance, including the correct spelling of a write-in candidate’s name.

The local election is October 7. Tune in Monday at 7 p.m. for a candidate forum featuring those running for borough mayor.