The Ketchikan City Council sped through its agenda Thursday night, completing everything, including an executive session, in less than 45 minutes.

Among the items approved in short order was a request from the Ketchikan Medical Center to add plans for a patient terrace back to the hospital’s ongoing renovation.

City Manager Karl Amylon says that officials from PeaceHealth, which operates the city-owned hospital, agreed to pay the estimated $370,000 in additional costs. PeaceHealth also would be responsible for any future maintenance or replacement costs related to the terrace.

The Council unanimously agreed to add back the terrace, also called the “healing garden.”

“Oddly enough this is something I always supported for this,” said Council Member Matt Olsen. “Because hospitals, you need somewhere to go and relax. I’m glad it got put back in.”

The closed-door executive session at the end of Thursday’s meeting allowed the Council to discuss potential litigation associated with a disputed contract agreement between the city and S&S General Contractors. The dispute is related to a reconstruction project on Jackson Street.

When the Council returned from that session, members voted to hire an attorney to represent the city in the matter. Council Member Bob Sivertsen abstained from the discussion and the vote because his son works for the contractor.

Council Members Dick Coose and Dave Kiffer were absent from Thursday’s meeting.

The next scheduled City Council meeting is a special budget work session, starting at 7 p.m. on Monday.