Oral arguments are scheduled for Friday morning on the State of Alaska’s motion for a stay in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough’s ongoing lawsuit challenging the state’s required local contribution for public education.

The hearing is set to start at 11:15 a.m. in Ketchikan Superior Court Judge William Carey’s courtroom.

Carey was the presiding judge in the lawsuit, filed last year by the borough. His January ruling in Ketchikan’s favor invalidated the long-held required local contribution from municipal governments. The state quickly appealed that decision to the Alaska Supreme Court, and filed the motion for a stay with Carey.

Without a stay, Judge Carey’s ruling stands until the Supreme Court makes a decision on the appeal. That could take up to a year.

State attorneys also filed a motion for a stay with the Supreme Court, but justices announced they would wait for Carey to rule on the stay first.