The Ketchikan School Board on Friday voted without discussion in a special meeting to ratify the appointment of Conan Steele to the Board of Education.  The vote was 5-1 with Stephen Bradford voting no.

Conan Steele was one of two applicants for the position along with Matt Tibbles. During its regular meeting on Wednesday, the School Board voted 3-2 to appoint Steele, with Michelle O’Brien and Stephen Bradford voting no. Glenn Brown was excused from Wednesday’s meeting and participated Friday telephonically.

Steele was seated following the vote and participated in the remainder of the meeting. However, Board policy requires a four-vote majority to seat a replacement. Former School Board Member, Choc Schafer was the first to alert the school district of the illegitimate appointment, according to Superintendent Robert Boyle.

After he was incorrectly seated, Steele cast determining votes on two motions regarding contracts with KPU for Internet and telephone service. Michelle O’Brien had abstained from voting because she is an employee of the contractor; and Stephen Bradford abstained because his wife wrote the contract. Boyle says those motions will return for the next regular School Board meeting.