A 29-year-old Ketchikan woman is in custody after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend during an argument early Wednesday morning.

Katherine Alise Carlson was arraigned Wednesday afternoon on charges of second-degree assault, a Class B felony.

Deputy Police Chief Josh Dossett says the call came in at about 5:30 a.m. of a domestic dispute on Pittinger Street near downtown Ketchikan.

“Apparently there was a domestic argument and during the course of it, the female stabbed the male twice. The male also had wounds on his hands from trying to wrestle the knife away from the female.”

Dossett says the man was stabbed in the leg and the torso.

Dossett says it wasn’t clear at first whether the woman has also been injured in the fight, so both were taken to Ketchikan Medical Center.

“It was a fairly physical fight,” he said. “They were concerned, she had blood on her. They weren’t entirely sure if it was all the male’s or if some of it was hers.”

Carlson was not bleeding, however, and Dossett says she was taken directly from the hospital to the local jail.

During Carlson’s first-felony appearance in court Wednesday afternoon, District Court Judge Kevin Miller appointed the public defender agency to represent her.

Carlson’s next court hearing is scheduled for April 10.