The filing period for this year’s Permanent Fund Dividend closed last week, and according to Pick.Click.Give. officials, a record 6.1 percent of Alaskans chose to share part of their PFD with Alaska nonprofits.

A total of 33,421 people made 53,851 donations, totaling about $3.3 million. According to Pick.Click.Give, that’s a 25 percent increase in donors and a 20 percent increase in the amount of money donated compared to last year.

Locally, donors have given a total of $23,250 to 10 Ketchikan nonprofit organizations on the Pick.Click.Give. list. Among those, Women in Safe Homes has the most donations, at about $4,500.

Although the deadline to apply for this year’s PFD has passed, Alaskans who already have filed can add donations through August 31st.  All donors will be entered into a raffle drawing that will award a second dividend to 10 people. The winners will be announced in September.

Local organizations and their donation levels so far:

  • Women in Safe Homes: $4,500
  • First City Homeless Services Day Shelter: $3,425
  • Ketchikan Community Foundation: $3,275
  • Ketchikan Humane Society: $3,250
  • Rainbird Community Broadcasting (KRBD): $2,625
  • First City Council on Cancer: $2,125
  • Community Connections: $1,900
  • Ketchikan Pioneers Home Foundation: $975
  • Friends of the Ketchikan Public Library: $900
  • Ketchikan Youth Initiatives: $875