The Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday released its latest version of the state’s capital projects budget.

While the budget overall is less than what had been proposed by Gov. Bill Walker, the committee actually increased funding for projects in House District 36.

The projects added by the committee include about $620,000 for a wood-fired boiler project in Hydaburg; and about $3.5 million for a heat pump project in Metlakatla. The funding for those projects would come from Alaska Energy Authority renewable energy grants.

And for Ketchikan, the committee added $655,000 for harbor improvements at Hole-In-The-Wall.

The Senate Finance Committee also kept funding in place for projects that Gov. Walker had included in his budget for House District 36, including ferry terminal improvements, reconstruction of Ketchikan’s Front, Mill and Stedman streets; replacement of the Water Street trestle and roadwork on Tongass Highway.

Most of those transportation projects will be funded in part or wholly by federal grants.

The capital budget still needs to go before the full Senate, and then go to the House for consideration before it can go to the governor for final review.