Ketchikan Gateway Borough offices are in the White Cliff building.

Ketchikan Gateway Borough offices are in the White Cliff building.

The Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly will consider first readings of the school district budget and the borough budget during its regular meeting on Monday.

According to the agenda statement for the school district budget, borough management recommends a local funding level of nearly $8.5 million. That includes the $4.7 million required local contribution, which the ordinance specifies will be paid under protest while the state Supreme Court considers the borough’s lawsuit challenging that requirement.

The total school district budget is about $39.2 million. That’s about $600,000 less than the amount proposed by school district officials.

According to the agenda statement, the difference reflects a cut in state foundation funding, and a reduction in some borough funding that the district had requested.

The Assembly also will vote separately on a motion to allow the school district to use $340,000 from the borough’s school reserve fund. That requires a super majority of at least six supporting votes. The Assembly has seven members.

Including annual funding for local schools. the borough’s FY16 budget totals about $53.5 million. A work session to discuss that budget likely will follow its introduction on Monday. The borough’s fiscal year starts July 1st.

Neither budget will be finalized on Monday.

In other business, the Assembly will consider establishing a sales tax holiday on October 3rd; and will discuss a proposed 1.5 percent cost of living salary adjustment for borough employees.

Monday’s meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. in Borough Assembly chambers. Public comment will be heard at the start of the meeting.