Girls pick up week old chicks at Tongass School of Arts and Sciences on April 23, 2015.


Last week, about 300 people attended Tongass School of Arts and Science’s Da Vinci Night. Katie Siversten, a teacher at the school and the event’s organizer, doubled the size of the event by inviting about 30 Ketchikan organizations and individuals to share their science-related passions and professions. The U.S. Coast Guard passed out safety whistles, kids dissected squids, and there were plenty of live creatures to touch, both soft and slimey. KRBD’s Ruth Eddy has this audio postcard from the event.



A pelt on display at Di Vinci Night April 23, 2015.


Abalone, sea cucumbers, crabs and other ocean critters in touch tanks for Da Vinci Night on April 23, 2015.