The Ketchikan School Board moved quickly Wednesday night through its agenda without much discussion and with absent members. Board Members David Timmerman and Ralph Beardsworth were excused.

The Board unanimously approved a 25 cent raise to school lunches for next year, bringing K-8 to $3.25 and 9-12 to $3.50. The raise is in response to a U.S. Department of Agriculture regulation that the average lunch price and the free lunch reimbursement rate are comparable.  Last year, the USDA reimbursement rate was $4.38 per lunch.

The Board also unanimously approved three new hires for next year, including two former Ketchikan students. Starla Agoney will be teaching fourth-grade at Houghtaling Elementary and Emily Kelly will teach second grate at Ketchikan Charter School. Superintendent Bob Boyle said he’s always happy to have students back.

“We have a good program, we have great teachers and we have a community where kids want to go out and get their college education and come back ready to go.”

The Board also approved hiring Gabriel Asper to teach English as Second Language at Ketchikan High School.

The Board awarded a three –year auditing contract to Altman, Rogers & Co.  Board President Michelle O’Brien mentioned the previous auditor was late last year with its reports to more than 20 schools across Alaska, including Ketchikan. “So hopefully happier times in the auditing area.

With only seven school days left until Student Board Member Alex Pihl is a Ketchikan High School graduate, O’Brien bid him farewell and thanked him for his unique perspective. O’Brien joked “Your name plate is your present.”  Phil quickly responded “It’s going in my college dorm.”

Pihl will study civil engineering next year at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is May 27th.