Chain-link fence at the State Building parking garage on June 24, 2015.

Ketchikan’s  40-year-old State Building has a new six-foot chain-link fence. In February, the building-wide security committee noticed the parking garage’s old guard rail was in disrepair and decided to use some building improvement funds for a new fence. Rural court assistant Clayton Jones works in the building and is on the committee.

“We decided it was time for the both the health and safety of the building as well as for security of the building to install that.”

The installation is almost complete and shiny silver links run from the northwest corner around the bend and up Grant street along the parking garage floor.

“I don’t drive. So when I walk into the building I don’t always go around that side of the building, but I have walked by and looked at a few sections, and it does look nice. It is a nice looking fence.”

Jones says the fence isn’t a major improvement, but a very noticeable addition.

The Alaska Court System and Department of Transportation, which maintains the building, will split the approximately $10,000 cost.

Another building improvement is a digital calendar to help guide visitors to the correct courtroom. That will be installed this fall.