Ketchikan Police arrested a man Wednesday in connection with a felony, related to property damage in Ferguson, Missouri.  The alleged crime occurred during the Ferguson trials of a policeman after an incident that left one man dead and many questioning police-race relations.

Ketchikan authorities arrested Nathanael Eastman as he got off the ferry at the Ketchikan Marine Highway. Eastman had a warrant out for his arrest since late May for property damage in the 1st degree, failure to appear in court and fleeing from justice from the state of Missouri. He was seen Wednesday in Ketchikan District Court in front of Judge Kevin Miller.

“This is during the Ferguson trials that were happening in Missouri…,” Eastman said, before he was interrupted by Miller.

“I really wouldn’t say anything about the offence until you talk to your lawyer about it.”

The 23-year old says his only contact is in Pennsylvania, and that he came to Alaska for work. He added that he’s been transient as of late and was surprised to hear he faced felony charges.

“Sorry, I just don’t…I..just, the word felony is like, it blows my mind. I’m sorry,” he said.

His bail was reduced from $1,500 to $500, but he is still in custody.

Because the charges were made elsewhere, Eastman could soon be sent back south once Missouri police are notified.

UPDATE: Missouri declined to extradite Eastman, and all charges against him have been dropped.