School started Wednesday in Ketchikan, and at Wednesday night’s School Board meeting, Superintendent Robert Boyle said enrollment across the district is up.

For example there were 249 students at Point Higgins Elementary, 17 more than expected. That number, 249, is one student shy of a magic number.

“Statewide funding formula has a kicker at 250. It would mean an additional not just the BSM or ADM , but there’s an additional kicker if we go over the 250 that would be an increase in revenue of $200,000 plus to the district,” he said.

Also Wednesday, many girls from the Ketchikan High School volleyball team attended the meeting, asking for out-of-state travel approval. Board President Michelle O’Brien tallied a unanimous vote to approve the team’s travel to California next week for a tournament.

“Motion passes,” she said. “Congratulations. Have a great trip. Win.”

The Board also approved travel for the Kayhi football team to Washington in October. Board Member Glenn Brown recused himself from voting, citing his son’s involvement with the team.

The school district does not fund out-of-state traveling. The travel expenses will all be covered by fundraising.

Superintendent Robert Boyle announced Athletic Director Ed Klein will be retiring, and Boyle suggested using the opportunity to restructure the position.

“It’s been a very challenging position in a number of ways,” he said. “We seem to piecemeal out a number of responsibilities.”

Those responsibilities include student athlete discipline, as well as hiring and evaluation of coaches. The new position could cost the district an additional $40,000 annually.

The Board also revised policy regarding school accountability, communication with the public, food service and employee security. Many of the suggestions were from the Association of Alaska School Boards, which recommended revisions in response to statutes approved by the Legislature.

The next regularly scheduled Board meeting is on September  9.