ortizHouse District 36 Rep. Dan Ortiz has spent the last week participating in British Columbia Minister of Mines Bill Bennett’s trip to Southeast Alaska. Bennett was in the region to learn more about Alaska’s concerns regarding BC mines under development upriver of Alaska salmon streams. Ortiz told KRBD that he feels the diplomatic visit to Southeast helped forge a better relationship between the province and the state.

That was Rep. Dan Ortiz, talking with KRBD about the recent visit to Southeast Alaska by BC Mines Minister Bill Bennett, as well as the upcoming legislative session and the lawsuit filed by legislators challenging the governor’s decision to expand Medicaid coverage in Alaska.

Ortiz encourages constituents to give input. There’s a survey link on his Facebook page related to the budget deficit. You also can find it by clicking  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z2R69BP

Ortiz also can be reached through his office (800-686-3824) and via email:  Representative.Dan.Ortiz@akleg.gov