While local elections took place in Ketchikan Tuesday, nearby Metlakatla held its primary election. Four-hundred-eighty-seven Metlakatla voters went to the polls, and 134 voted absentee.

According to the Metlakatla Indian Community, three candidates ran for mayor in the primary. The top two were incumbent Audrey Hudson, with 282 votes; and Jim Scudero, with 193. Louie Wagner Jr. was in third place with 145 votes.

For secretary, Judith A. Eaton had the most votes, with 223, followed by Michele Gunyah (198) and Bev Guthrie (197).

For treasurer, Nathan Fawcett topped the race with 266 votes, followed by Tina Marsden (224) and Patricia (Di) Schearer (127)

The top two candidates from each of the primary races will be on Metlakatla’s Nov. 3 general election ballot.

According to M-I-C, Council candidates who also will be on the November ballot are Connie Darling, Myranell Bergtold, Karen D. Thompson, Louie A Wagner III, Albert Smith, Joseph Ridley, Daniel G. Williams, Rich Hudson Sr., Timothy R. Booth, Daniel M. Marsden Sr., Keristyn J. Baines-Weber and Rachel Askren.