No one was injured in a kitchen fire at a South Tongass home Wednesday night. South Tongass Fire Department Chief Steve Rydeen says the department received the call just before 5:00 pm.

“During the size up we found a kitchen fire that was attempted to be put out by the neighbor. We had basically minimal damage. The damage that occurred was all in the kitchen, with the exception of smoke damage throughout.”

Rydeen says renters were moving into one side of a duplex at 5822 South Tongass Highway when the fire started. Though the cause of the fire is still under investigation, he says items were placed on top of the stove during the move and the tenants likely didn’t realize the stove was turned on.

About 20 South Tongass volunteer firefighters and four city firefighters responded to the incident.  Rydeen says the all-clear was given before 6:30 pm.