Southeast Alaska residents recently have reported scam telephone calls seeking bank account information, according to a news release from Ketchikan-based First Bank.

The automated phone calls claim to represent a bank or credit union, and ask for personal information, according to the release. The calls are using the names of a variety of financial institutions, targeting more than just First Bank customers.

One automated message claims that the intended victim’s debit or credit card is locked or deactivated. The message instructs the person to enter a card number and personal identification number, or PIN, to unlock the card.

In other automated messages, the cardholder is not asked for the card number, but is instructed to “Press 1 to enter PIN.”

In all cases, the phone number is “unknown,” or is one that cannot be called back.

First Bank stresses that banks and credit unions never call customers with automated messages stating that a card has been deactivated, and that your financial institution already has your banking numbers and PIN.

If you receive suspicious calls or messages from anyone claiming to represent your bank, First Bank recommends hanging up and calling your financial institution to report the call.