The Ketchikan City Council will vote tonight on a motion to reconsider its Dec. 3 decision to ban marijuana businesses in city limits, but the main purpose of tonight’s meeting is to continue the Council’s review of the draft 2016 City of Ketchikan and Ketchikan Public Utilities budgets.

The Council started the KPU review last week. Among the items for consideration tonight are the proposed surcharge for expenses related to the Whitman Lake Hydroelectric Dam; and a 2 percent cost-of-living raise for non-union employees, at a cost of about $42,000.

The Council also will look at some new information related to the City of Ketchikan budget, including a proposal that would provide greater Council oversight related to overtime expenses; and a plan to retire the police drug dog Booker at the end of this month.

The Council must approve both budgets by the end of the year.

Tonight’s meeting starts at 7 p.m. in City Council chambers, with time for public comment at the start of the meeting.