Ketchikan welcomed the New Year and Tobias Elijah Burnette on January 1st . Tobias was the first baby of 2016 in Ketchikan, one of two born on January

Leanna Booth and baby Tobias on New Year's day 2016.

Leanna Booth and baby Tobias on New Year’s day 2016.

first. His mother, Leeanna Booth, was in labor less than two hours before she gave birth at home with the assistance of her aunt, Gayle Dundas, a former certified nursing assistant.

Ketchikan Medical Center has a long-standing tradition of recognizing each New Year’s baby. Baby Tobias received a basket of gifts, including books and quilts, as well as a customary gift for all babies in Ketchikan– a baby box, which includes a small mattress and can be used as the baby’s first bed.

Jack Burnette is Tobias’ father.

Tobias joins siblings, 8-year-old James and 5-year-old Shailey.

Ingrid Jones, nurse manager at Ketchikan’s birthing center, says so far four babies have been born in Ketchikan since January first. On average, the birthing center delivers just over 200 babies a year.