The Ketchikan School Board will discuss technology and capital improvement plans at its Wednesday meeting.

The Board will hear from technology coordinator Bill Whicker about updating the district’s technology plan. Part of that includes switching all instructors’ computers to one operating system and designing a replacement program that allows for consistent maintenance and updates.

The Board also will vote on a newly prioritized capital improvement project list. The list includes six projects through the year 2021. If approved, the first priority would be a redesign of the bus drop off zone at Houghtaling Elementary.

The issue of student safety on Baranof Avenue was recently brought to the attention of the School Board by the Houghtaling student safety committee. The committee has begun working with the Ketchikan Gateway Borough for possible solutions, and held a public meeting on the issue.

Second priority is the Houghtaling Elementary roof, followed by Ketchikan High School security improvements, Point Higgins mechanical upgrade, Point Higgins roof replacement and, lastly, Ketchikan High School biomass boiler.

Building and Grounds Supervisor Mike Williams was asked to break up some of the most costly projects into phases, but he does not recommend it.

The Board also will vote on out-of-state travel for the Kayhi choir, boys soccer and baseball team, as well as some revisions to the Board bylaws regarding the clerk treasurer, board committees and reimbursement.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in Borough Assembly chambers at the White Cliff building. There is time reserved for public comment at the start and end of each meeting.